Free City View at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building


Visiting one of observatories in Tokyo is a must-do among tourists since the overlook view of the city is absolutely breathtaking especially at night. The reason why Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is recommended is because its observation decks (there are two of them) on 45th floor, 202 m above the sea level are total free to enter while most of the observatories in Tokyo require an admission fee.

Moreover, the building is located in a short distance from the west gate of Shinjuku Station and the surrounding area is well known for skyscrapers. It’s a great spot to hang around at night along with your visit to Izakaya Alleys or Robot Restaurants which are also located in Shinjuku area.

Enjoy commanding views of downtown Tokyo from a height of 202 meters.
The observatories are places for visitors to deepen their understanding and interest in Tokyo and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s (TMG) policies while enjoying an amazing view.

While you look over the city, we would like you to think about the many possibilities that await Tokyo in the future.

There are 2 observatories: the north observatory and the south observatory.
To access the observatories, please take the Observatory Elevator from the 1st Floor of Main Building No. 1.